Sunday, January 24, 2010

Everything In Moderation.... Including Moderation

While only a couple of days have passed since I wrote my first blog, I had already begun to think about the topic for my next post. Having just wheedled my idea into an appropriate size when a comment was left by my husbands Aunt on an original post via Facebook.

"Good for you Melanie. I liked your first entry. I'm still on the fence about social networking. In a way it is a good way to keep up on what is happening but on the other hand I think it is becomming a substitute for phone calls and having personal contact with people therefore maybe in the long run more alienating. When one is in a room with everyone texting or using the computer it is a real turn-off.

I found this comment thought provoking. In response to these forums "becoming a substitute" I disagree in the sense that we now have multiple channels to be in touch. So depending on your circumstance at that moment determine how you may reach out to someone. There are moments in one's life where all we may have time for is a quick text, email, or IM chat. I know in my own household, with three children it isn't always easy to just pick up the phone and call someone. Children seem to need everything from you the minute you get on the phone. I will admit that more then once I have hidden in my closet hoping that I go undiscovered for the duration of my call, knowing all the while those little voices are closing in on me. Imagine my delight when I was introduced to texting. No one can hear the craziness in the background while sending a text, email or engaging in a quick IM chat.

Also, it is through these social networks that I am able to be part of peoples' lives all year long, instead of the once a year visit or never visiting. I have a sister who lives in southern California and she calls me almost everyday. Our relationship is only enhanced by the fact we also interact regularly on Facebook by sharing comments on photos and status updates. To that end she is my sister and I have never lost touch with her. Now, the real beauty of social networking is that it's given me the ability to connect with people that I haven't seen or heard from since elementary school. I still don't see them nor do I talk with them on the phone but I am connected to them and their lives.

This is where the title of this blog post comes into play. A motto I use regularly in my house with the kids is "Everything in moderation including moderation." I believe each of us entering this world of "social" has a "social responsibility" to know when it is appropriate to be "plugged in" and when it is time to be "unplugged." Sadly, there always seem to be people who don't understand the notion of moderation and therefore will always have trouble with their "social responsibility" and/or their "responsibility to social." So rather then being "turned- off" I simply ask those that I am close with to "turn it off".

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  1. Nice post, Melanie. In line with your thoughts here, I regard social media as the modern replacement for the post office, the church, the general store, and the other physical locations that used to bind small communities together -- back when we lived in small communities, close to the same friends and family, for decades on end.

    We move around much more today, and many people return very seldom to their old hometowns. Facebook, especially, is a great way for keeping that community feeling alive -- with old friends and new -- despite the miles that separate us.

  2. Nice blog Ms. Strout (: For myself, i have decided the one indulgence is FB .. I tryed twitter but found it was just to much ! I think social media is very generational but with that said , we now have Marc's mum on blackberry at 75 years old ! She claims that she really misses letters but was quickly sold on instant messenger on bberry . All of these tools are fabulous and you are right to say that there is a time and a place ! I look forward to more of your topics (: xo

  3. I'm sure I remember having this conversation with you! The points are still salient. I love the way your mind works and I'll follow you on FB. Twitter, I'm still not sure of. ARQ